Earth 101 is a truly non-toxic, all-natural soap that cleans without polluting the earth. With a bit of knowledge and good, safe, products we can make the earth a better place.

We at Earth 101 only use 100% safe, non-toxic, all-natural ingredients. Our soap has only 8 ingredients but still has amazing cleaning power. We also use sustainable glass packaging. We offer a refill package so you can refill and reuse the soap container and pump over and over again!

Family Owned and Operated in

Chicago IL and Okemos MI for a better earth!

Scents in Lemongrass and Lavender

Refillable 16oz glass bottle (with pump), $20

32oz refill, $30

It’s an everything soap: hand wash, body wash, puppy wash, kitten wash, dish wash, carpet wash, etc!